Cosmic Connectivity
21.5" x 32.5"   $600  (US shipping $12)

This quilt was included in the Ohio Designer Craftsmen's "Best of 2013" show.


This art quilt is made with commercial cotton fabric, hand-dyed cotton fabric, hand-painted lace, hand-dyed sheer fabric, netting, glass beads, and yarn, most of it in various shades of blue with some yellow and gold accents. It is machine pieced, and machine and hand quilted. The yarn is machine couched and the beads are hand-beaded.

Comes with a hanging sleeve and rod, ready to hang on a single nail.

To read more about this quilt, visit my blog.

This quilt was exhibited in the Ohio Designer Craftsmen's Best of 2013 travelling show.

Here are some close up photos.


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