Coneflower Confection
16.5" x 17.5"   NFS


This art quilt "Coneflower Confection" was made using beautiful hand-painted blue, green and pink fabrics. It features a pink coneflower with yarn couched around the petals and a pink button for the center cone.

The quilt is machine pieced with raw-edge appliques; the yarn is machine couched and the blue and green seed stitches and the button were added by hand. It is machine quilted and has a strip-facing binding and hangs flat against the wall.

Comes with a hanging sleeve and rod, ready to hang on a single nail.

This quilt was created for the Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 3, Annie's Vision.

To read more about this quilt, visit my blog. 

Here are some close up photos.



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